• Mowing

    Mowing is the single most important thing you are going to do to produce a beautiful lawn. You will find out over time that there is absolutely nothing more important than mowing the grass. Cut your lawn as, long as possible 3 to 4 inches long. This well allow more sun to penetrate the grass […]

  • Irrigation of Yards

    Irrigation the watering of your patch of turf. This is the second most important step in our lawn care program. However, this stops a lot of people from succeeding. Reasons being their yard is to large which makes it to expensive to irrigate, or you could live in a place where watering is restricted. If […]

  • Fertilizing Your Yard

    Fertilizing is another important step in getting your yard in shape each year. We currently have it listed as the third step in getting your yard into shape. We like to use a organic fertilizer called Milorganite, which we will apply in this application. It is very user friendly and forgiving if you make small […]

  • Grub Worms A Prob;em

    We Will not use chemicals unless the problem is becoming a threat to our crop. In this case out crop we are raising is our lawn. If your lawn is healthy and is getting plenty of sunshine but continues to not get thick you may have a grub worm problem. I am going to cover […]