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April 28, 2019

Texas Mosquito Repellent Guide

Here in Texas, we enjoy some beautiful weather, but there is a downside. Mosquitos love it too! Mosquitoes are not only annoying. They also leave behind itchy red welts, and in some cases, spread diseases, such as West Nile Virus.
You can keep mosquitoes at bay by implementing a form of control in your yard. Various repellents work for a short term or extended periods of time. Below is a list of items you can do to help the process of reducing mosquito activity.
Wear appropriate clothing:
There are multiple strategies that work against mosquito bites. Minimize areas of exposed skin by wearing long sleeved shirts, long pants, boots, and hats. Try wearing clothing treated with permethrin, but applying mosquito repellents to your exposed skin is probably the best.
Short term candles and foggers:
If you are looking for short term control to keep these pesky mosquitoes away, consider using a specially formulated mosquito repelling candle or fogger. These mosquito repelling candles are generally made using citronella oil, an infusion made from the citronella grass plant. Specially formulated mosquito foggers are also effective for keeping mosquitos away. When these short term methods are placed around outdoor seating areas, mosquitos are sure to stay away for a few hours. Although they are not as effective on windy days.
Use bed nets:
Bed nets are essential in providing protection and reducing discomfort caused by biting insects. Bed nets should be tucked under mattresses if they do not reach the floor. These nets are most effective when they are treated with a pyrethroid insecticide.
Long term insecticidal sprays:
If the mosquito problem in your yard is particularly bad, short term control might not be effective. What you need is a long term insecticidal sprays that provide relief from mosquitoes. Spatial repellent products containing active ingredients, such as metofluthrin and allethrin, augment aerosol insecticide sprays, vaporizing mats, and mosquito coils can help to clear rooms or areas of mosquitos or repel mosquitos from a circumscribed area.
Lambda-cyhalothrin or cyfluthrin insecticides are also good to use on and around man mad structures, like decks, patio spaces or siding. Since brick and concrete do not readily absorbed these sprays, reapplication may be necessary. For serious long term control, pyrethroid insecticide broadcast applications are helpful around trees, shrubs and your home.
Remember, insecticides and repellent products should always be used with caution. Avoid direct inhalation of spray or smoke. Tired of being locked up inside because mosquitos have taken over your yard? Don’t worry! North Texas Lawn Pros can help take back your yard with our mosquito control program!