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November 30, 2018

Three Tips For Hiring A Lawn Care Company

Three thing you need to know when hiring a Lawn Service Company in the Gainesville, Texas area.
Tip #1 Insurance: You should request to see their proof of insurance from any potential lawn company. Many solo guys, and even bona-fide companies, advertise they are licensed and insured. Unfortunately this not always the case. Remember always request to see a copy of their insurance before allowing the to service your property.
Tip #2 Equipment: Residential lawns require smaller exuipment, than larger commercial properties. Make sure the company you go with is not putting a overly heavy zero turn mower on your lawnThat headvy mower can tearr up your lawn and leave drive in your yard after only a fer lawn services on your lawn. In addition to that, the big commercial mower may of just been used to cut a big 5 acre weed field. Just make sure that the equipment being used on your residential lawn is of the proper size to maintain your lawn.
Tip #3 contracts: Some companies require clients to sign a year round contract to do business with them. This is always good for the lawn company, but it may not be necessarily be a good thingfor you. You could wind up paying a lot during the winter months, when frankly you dontneed during this time period. Really be skeptical if a company wants you sign a year round contract.