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August 8, 2018

Essential Lawn Tips For Beginners

These tips are very basic and for the first time home owner who has never tried to have a lawn before. I will try to keep these tips very basic and simple. You should start to get results in about 6 or 7 weeks.
Step 1 will be to Identify your grass type. If you live in North Texas you are going to be in a warm grass climate and most likely have one of these types of grasses Saint Augustine it is a little bit crunchy feeling to your foot when walked on. Another way to identify it is by the runners it sends out when growing. The next grass we are going to discuss is Bermuda grass. It is a nice low cut type of grass that is beautiful, It also sends out runners when growing, Now the third type of grass we are going to discuss is Zoysia grass. Most likely you are going to have one of the three grass types or a mixture of them in your lawn. If you are still having problems identifying the grass type go to your count agent he will be glad to help you in your area.
Step 2 I want you to measure you lawn in sections. I want you to measure it by stepping it off or using a tape measure. I do not want you using a online tool for this because I want you getting a feel for your lawn and where everything is in the lawn. I want you to divide your lawn into section for example Front yard, Back yard, East side, and West side. Now y in the ou have each section of the yard named and know exactly how large it is.
Step three will be the most important thing that you do that is mowing. It is very important to mow each type of grass we cover the correct height to prevent weeds and diseases in the future. The first kind of grass we are going to discuss is Saint Augustine it needs to be cut at the very top setting on your lawn mower which is probably going to be three and three fourths of a inch tall, again if your mower will go taller set it at four and a half inches tall If you have Zoysia or Centipede grass mow it at three inches tall. Bermuda grass should be cut at two inches. The reason for such tall settings it causes the grass to get more sunlight which causes photosynthesis which causes more sugars to be produced, which causes it to strengthen the plant over all. The next thing when mowing is to se a sharp mower blade. You can change these out yourself rotating them while one is being used to mow the other one is in the shop being sharpened. Not having a sharp blade on will cause the grass to be fraed and mot as beautiful a green color. This also prevents disease from getting into the plans. And tthen the last tip for mowing is the frequeny at which you mow, you should mow in most situations once a week, You should cut off no more than one third of a grass blade this will cause less stress on the grass
that will cause the grass to be nice and healthy.
Step four will be fertilization of your lawn. Learn to do it following the instructions, do not be scared of this step you are not going to burn your lawn because this is why we use Milorganite fertilizer. It is a organi mix that will not burn your yard, Just learn how to put ot out. To start with you can purchase Miloranite at almost any Home Depot store. I suggest for you first application following these easy steps. Use the measurements we took down earlier. Lets start with doing the front yard. Take the measurement you have and say it is 2000 square feet. You will then look on the bag of Milorganite and it says that it covers 2500 square feet so you will then pour 80 percent of the bag into your hopper, Open up your hopper to where on the control switch it is about one third of the wa open and just begin walking and pushing the spreader at a good pace over the front yard. Make sure you do not overlap the material coming out of the hopper. continue until you have done the length and then turn around and continue until you are back to the length of where you began, continue this back and forth action until you are done with the front of the yard. And then repeat this procedure on the other three sides of your yard.
Step five will be spraying weeds the recommendations I am going to make are goof proof from the big box stores. We will start by spraying for dandelions, we will use 2,4D for this application. Just spray the dandelion and watch it fall. Now we are thru and I am going to go enjoy my mow.