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July 20, 2018

Eliminating Scalp Places In Lawn

What causes scalp marks in your yard over time. The use of a riding lawnmower and continuously going over the lawn in the same direction causing a slightly lower place where the wheels ran over, over time. Causing the area around it to be slightly higher than the area around it.
To make your dirt to repair this with take a wheel barrow and put in it one bag of play sand that is very clean, and then mix one bag of potting soil that is also very clean without wood being in it. Then mix these two items together.
Then mark your low area for repair and begin by sprinkling the dirt mixture threw out this area. After sprinkling enough dirt to the area, take your hand and rub It into the grassy area which should cause the dirt to fall amoungst the blades of grass creating a much smoother surface to mow over in future and eliminating this scalp area. This can be done in acouple o hours time.