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July 15, 2018

How To Repair Bare Spot In Bermuda

If you have a bare spot in your Bermuda grass lawn try this repair technique. First thing is removing all the dead grass and other debris, covering the bare dirt. When you get it down to bare dirt this is what we recommend you do to repair the bare bermuda spot in your yard.
The first step is to develop a repair zone we can get grass sprigs from to do our repair work from. So we will identify a sidewalk. curb. or driveway where we have to edge to remove the overgrowth of grass on a regular basis, After we identify this place we will then simply let this area grow for a couple of weeks before we trim it. After the grass has grown out we will grab a sprig of the grass and pull it up roots and all.
Then to begin preparing our bare place simply take a screw driver about six inches long, and begin sticking holes in the bare ground. After making a few holes in the ground then, take a length of the grass you pulled and place it in the hole, inserting the roots first then turning the screw driver upside down to push the sprig of grass into the hole. Then covering the rest of hole with a light covering of potting soil, Then simply water lightly twice a day until the grass takes root in the soil and begins to grow.