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June 13, 2018

Fertilizing Your Yard

Fertilizing is another important step in getting your yard in shape each year. We currently have it listed as the third step in getting your yard into shape.
We like to use a organic fertilizer called Milorganite, which we will apply in this application. It is very user friendly and forgiving if you make small mistakes while spreading this product, but it will still perform at very well and is good on the environment.
The first thing you need o know is the square footage of the area you are going to be treating with fertilizer. Use the formula of Length x Width=square footage. To get your square footage we will measure the length of your property being fertilized, by counting the steps it takes to walk the distance of the length of surface, The total number of steps it took was 17. Then take this number and multiply it by 3[length of step in feet]. As a result you should of gotten a total of 51 feet, for the length of property Now step off the distance of the width of the property and it took 16 steps to walk this distance. Then again multiply this number by 3 {length of steps in feet}. Then multiply 16 x 3 = 48 and that is your total width of the property in feet. So now we can use the formula length x width = square footage. So we enter 51 for our length x 48 for our width which gives us a total 2448 square feet.
Then we will look at the front of the bag of Milorganite to look for how much ground a bag should cover. As usual with fertilizer this can be found in the bottom left hand corner of the bag. It says that it will cover 2500 square feet. So we know that we are just a little short on material but we also know that Milorganite is very forgiving so we will apply it to this to our area.
So we will pour the entire bag of Milorganite into our hopper. Then begin at one end of the area you measured. Start pushing the soreader in the direction of the length of property, and making sure to move over enough to spread the material on your way back without overlapping this maerial. Repeat this until you have completed in one direction. Then start going the distance from the side of the property until the hopper is empty. At this point you have completed the spreading of the Milorganite.
Now wash out your spreader. And blow off any material that escaped and got on concrete areas.