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April 24, 2018

Irrigation of Yards

Irrigation the watering of your patch of turf. This is the second most important step in our lawn care program. However, this stops a lot of people from succeeding. Reasons being their yard is to large which makes it to expensive to irrigate, or you could live in a place where watering is restricted. If you do have one of these problems, then have a back up plan in place. For instance water only the front yard and not the back. Are even just a certain section of the yard only to irrigate. Then using the strategy you have chosen apply ½ inch of water per week to the area. Be sure and put out a rain gauge to measure the amount of water you are applying. If you do not have a sprinkler system. Then go ahead and use sprinklers just making sure that they do not overlap. If you observe that the temperature is increasing and your yard needs more water go ahead and increase the amount of water each week.